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Tasha's Story Roadmap

The mission to bring a voice to the voiceless is made possible
because of your patronage. Thankyou sincerely!

Phase 01

Create Art

My patrons are looking for quality and uniqueness. Therefore with quality in mind, I took my time creating quality art pieces.

  • Utilize Art Skills
  • Digitize Traditional Pieces
  • Develop Digital Catalog
Phase 02

Convert Into NFTs

Satisfied with offerings, I pick out the best pieces and converted them into NFTs, making them now available to the community.

  • Get on OpenSea
  • Connect Wallet
  • Launch the project online
Phase 03

Grow Community

After launching my project online, I begin interaction with mt new and growing NFT/ Blockchain community daily.

  • Promote NFTs
  • Grow Community
  • Create Smiles
Phase 04

Sell My Craft

After carving an ever so tiny piece of the market for myself, I make coins to fund my biggest mission.

  • Sale of Craft/NFTs
  • Save & Invest
  • Create a Foundation
Phase 05


I work with my community, aiding in ways that alleviate needs, and provide a voice to the voiceless women and children.

  • Garner Community Reach
  • Empower Women & Children
  • Alleviate Critical Needs
Phase 06


The mission never ends, until crime against women and children ends. Therefore, my work continues to take shape.

  • Keep Building
  • Art in Spare Time
  • Thank Patrons Always